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Hanson's Transmission and Auto Repair, Kemp, TX
Rebuild/Overhaul 5.9 - $4500.00, 6.7 - $5000.00. Installed with your rebuildable core** as an exchange. There is a $1200.00 core charge if you do not have a rebuildable core
Chrysler trained Technician with 22 years' experience is offering Cummins 5.9 and 6.7 engine overhaul, installation and repair.
Overhaul usually takes 10-12 days depending on the shop workload. This is with a remanufactured engine installed.
Use of your block will take longer because it will be sent out for machining.
All overhauls come with a six (6) month unlimited mileage warranty.
Overhaul includes new fluids (coolant, oil), filters (oil, air, fuel), gaskets, serpentine belt, thermostat and water pump.
Worn/damaged parts (i.e. hoses, injectors, pumps, turbo etc.) will be replaced at an additional expense if needed.
Performance items are available at an additional cost.
Pick up can be arranged at an additional cost.

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