Statistics, Calculus, Probability, Linear Algebra, etc.

  • Private Tutoring

Patient and understanding.
A tutor can save you time.
- My goal is you won't need me.

Experienced with people new to the field and people who just need to brush up.
Rush work, cramming for tests, fine.
Congenial retiree can help you through test prep, homework, and concepts.
And I can probably match your schedule.

Wide experience in teaching,
scientific research and statistical modeling.
Wall Street and the scientific community.

Probability, AP Statistics. ANOVA, regression, Chi-square, etc.
Calculus, Precalculus, Linear Algebra...

NYC Board of Ed Certified.

MS, Math; 99th Percentile GRE
If your material is in any way special, email me some of it
so I can see what you're doing. Also, if you have a book,
let me know the author(s) and title. Then give me a call.....
If the matter is time sensitive, don't rely on email; call me.

...... BA, Literature, UC, Berkeley; MS, Mathematics, UNM.
...... Rates negotiable based on how much you need, location, and subject. Cash and personal checks OK.
Locations: Hoboken, Manhattan