Affordable Attorney Prepared Wills & Living Trusts - See Pricing

  • Civil Rights Lawyers $99.00

If you're currently looking for an estate planning service, you may have seen online "do-it-yourself" services for $99.00, or non-attorneys who claim that their services are the same as that which is provided by a lawyer. Here's the deal - you get what you pay for.

An online service cannot help you customize a comprehensive will, living trust or other service based on your current needs, or anticipate a future situation. Many document preparation services are either mills that need to sell a lot of volume, or individuals working from home and looking to make a quick buck and never hear from you again.

At Bristol, Haynes & Associates we work with you personally to provide a tailored & comprehensive estate plan, but before we do we talk with you first to determine what you'll need today, and tomorrow. We can explain the pros and cons of every option available and you will leave our office confident that you made the right decision. Don't leave your future to a software program or amateur.

Although every client has a unique situation, below are some pricing guidelines that we follow for some of our most common services. If our quote to you is lower or higher, we will clearly explain why so there are never any surprises.

Living Trust: $750.00
Living Wills: $250.00
Pour Over Wills: $250.00
Durable Power of Attorney: $250.00
Modifications of an Existing Will/Trust: $250.00
Advanced Health Care Directive: $250.00

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys who will answer all of your questions.

We look forward to working with you and your family.

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