• Criminal Defense Attorneys

Have you been arrested or accused of a crime? It is not too late to fight! You deserve an EXPERIENCED, qualified criminal defense legal team to help you and serve you. Attorney Bridgette Williams is EXPERIENCED in MISDEMEANOR and FELONY defense!!! Don't settle for less! As a former First Chair Prosecutor with years of extensive trial experience that knows the system, attorney Bridgette L. Williams, Esq. and law team at The Law Office of Bridgette L. Williams, PLLC are proud and eager to help you GET YOUR CHARGES DISMISSED or REDUCED.

Our office can answer the questions that matter, such as:
- Are there holes in the State's case against you?
- Can these charges be reduced to a lesser offense?
- Is the evidence against you even admissible in court?
- Should I take my case to trial?

By hiring an inexperienced attorney and pleading to an offense, the following could result:
- Lengthy Jail or Prison sentence
- Huge Fines and Court Costs
- Losing your right to own or even possess a firearm
- Negatively affecting your divorce and/or custody of your children
- Irreversible criminal record

- Credit cards and payment plans are always available
- Night/weekend appointments available

Attorney Bridgette L. Williams, a former Prosecutor, can help you today with your criminal defense and juvenile defense needs. Call today, as we always offer free consultations. WE ANSWER OUR PHONES 24 hours a day.