Eco-clean maid - Affordable Eco Friendly Cleaning

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Why green you may ask? Well, many cleaning products are created with hazardous chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, skin irritations and pollute the air in your home. Some of these chemicals have been even linked to long term health risk such as cancer.

At Eco-clean maid service we offer Eco-friendly cleanings at a reasonable price with products that are safe, sub-stainable as well as good for the environment and safe for your kids and pets We have flat rates as well as hourly so that you never pay more than you have to and only pay for what you need cleaned. You get the same great cleaning without all the harmful chemicals. Good for your home.

Good for the environment, and good for you. We service Kansas and Missouri. We have a 3 hour minimum. We are bonded and insured as well as accredited by the better business bureau with over 12 years of experience. If interested in our services please give us a call.