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Looking to have an installation of a TV, Home Theater System, Outdoor Speakers, Security Cameras, Whole House Speaker, Network Lines or any other low voltage wiring done, please call me for a FREE phone consultation and or quote.

I am an independent installer so my charges are fair and I don't have quotas and tight timeframes to work around. If you have all of your equipment and know what you want, that's fantastic and if you need some advice or someone to walk you through the buying process, I can help. I have even gone to the store with some customers as they buy their equipment. Basically, I am easy going and flexible to tailor to your needs.

You'll see some of my uploaded pictures which by the way, are all my personal installs and not pictures copied from the web like some people present. I have lots more pictures and if you let me know what you want installed, I can probably find a picture that looks similar and show it to you.

In a day of wireless everything, my specialty is still wiring. New technology has made my install job easier, but some things just still need wiring and work better using wires, I specialize in hiding those wires whether it's dropping 3 feet straight down a wall or running from one room downstairs to the upstairs attic and back down again to another room. I've been in the Home Theater business since the early 90's and installing wiring independently since 2000.

I do entertain trade sometimes for the right item I want or a smashing deal I can't resist.

Current trade wish-list:
- iPad full or mini
- Macbook Pro
- GoPro 3 or 4 HD
- Electric & Acoustic guitar and amp
- Drum cymbals and hardware in good shape
- Dr. Dre Beats headphones in perfect condition
- Possible mechanic work on car
- LED / LCD or Plasma 3D TV
- Projector HD quality
- DJ mixing console with software ( mp3 from computer or iPad )
- Ninja Blender possibly
- Nutribullet set
- Quality, good working and clean carpet shampooer with hose
- Dyson portable battery operated vacuum
- Quadcopter drone , legit and can mount a Go Pro
- Landscape work
- Painting of house by a professional, tons of rounded corners
- Hardwood floor installation
- Electrical work / would like to install fans, lights, new linked fire alarm etc.
- Plumber would like to get an instant hot water heater system installed
- Dog training by a career pro

In the past, I have traded for...

- Lasik eye surgery
- Dental work
- Motorcycle
- Pressure sprayer
- Burley Trailer
- Kids hiking backpack carrier
- Music engineering/mixing
- Cement poured for driveway and walkway
- Mechanic work
- LARGE fish tank setup
- High End Home Theater Speakers
- High End electric drums
- Painting services
- Cutco knives
and more, this is just what I've quickly recalled.

I'm happy to help you out, even if it turns out to be for just advice on the phone.