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Hello, my name is Douglas Bayes I own and operate Bayes Lawn Services as a part time job so my wife can stay at home with our kiddos. I take extreme pride in my work and I have a great love for a fantastic looking lawn. I will treat your property as if it were my own. All of my services are included in any weekly or biweekly package. (I also offer mowing for people out of town for the week or if they want their lawn to look good before an event) I currently only have push mowers but feel free to contact me even if it is over grown or up to 3/4 acre. I never back down from a challenge!

Now accepting weekly and bi weekly residential properties in the Fort Wayne / Huntertown area.
I offer,
Mowing (mulching, bagging or side shoot if necessary)
Trimming (brush cutting and weed removal if necessary)
Rake N Take (rake up leaves and/or weeds and remove them from the property)
Blow off all walks, driveways and streets. (patios, decks and play area's are included in "walks")
Small (up to 4 inch diameter) branches cut down and removed from the property.
And will soon be offering hedge trimming.

All of the above stated services are included in a weekly package. You can cancel anytime with a one week notice.
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Douglas Bayes - Owner/Operator
Bayes Lawn Services