Alterations: Wedding Gown & Special Occasion

  • Tailors

I offer personalized alterations including bridal, bridesmaid, mother's gown and special occasion dress alterations. I work one on one with the client and/or the whole wedding party to ensure a proper fit.

I have years of experience as a seamstress and tailor in the bridal and formal wear industry. Alteration services range from minor adjustments and hems, to major alterations such as removing sleeves and changing the silhouette of the garment. Some may also require changing trims, removing a train, and draping a wide variety of bustles compatible with the style and silhouette of the gown.

Offered services begin with an in-depth consultation during which the client communicates their desired changes to the gown or garment. Together, we evaluate it to address potential problems, explore alteration possibilities and ensure a beautiful fit. The number of fittings depends on the intricacy of the garment and how much work needs to be done on it.

Please contact me directly for more information & pricing.