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Serving Washington County since 1986 - CCB#: 143508

Do you have hedges that need to be trimmed?
Fruit trees that need pruning?
Trees that need to be crowned and re-shaped or removed completely?
Need those limbs chipped up so you can add them to your landscaping?
Want that ugly tree stump to be removed?
Is your compost pile out of control?
Then you need ANGEL'S TREE SERVICE! We are here to help!

Hire Experience!
Let's face it- yardwork is hardwork, especially if your plans include climbing up into trees, dropping large limbs, and grinding out a stump's root system. A tree with dead branches and limbs in it is very dangerous, as they may break loose without warning and fall, causing damage to you and/or your neighbors property.
Don't risk getting hurt! Don't risk accidential damage to you or your neighbor's property. Don't risk HITTING A UTILITY LINE that could cause you thousands in emergency repair costs!

Angel's Tree Service has been serving local Washington County residences and businesses for over 25 years. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs and budget. When you're selecting a tree service, it's important to have a company with experience. We are familiar with ALL species of our native trees including their preferred silhouettes and trimming patterns. We offer free estimates and involve you in all aspects of the proposed work order to ensure there are no surprises. When you need to have tree work done on your property- you can count on us for a courteous, professional job.
A Company You Can Trust!