• TV Installation

Having problem with Directv , Dishnetwork, SKY, Globe Cast or Cable Tv? I can help you and solve that problem fast and at the best prices! Need to move your system without any delays? I can do it for you today! Any questions or concerns I can help you.

I also install DTV Antennas-off air, you will get local HDs channel free of charge...

I got Directv Antennas complete system of Slimline with SWM milti switch and power inserter. These antenas will work with the all new HD DVR recievers and standar ones.

I am asking $120 for each Antenna full set. I can also do the installations for an extra fee.

The same goes for the Dish antenas I have 1000.2 , and international ones. The Dish antenas $50 each , and if you need me to do the installation for an extra fee.

I service homes, apartment buildings, business and commercial locations CALL TODAY and ASK FOR RUDY ESPINOZA

Certified Installer-Cable-TV Contractor & Satellite-TV Retailer