• Exterior Door Installation

I'm not a locksmith, I can't pick your lock, but if you have a problem with the original mortise type antique lockset on your 1920s Spanish Revival house, pre-WWII Craftsman, Storybook or Victorian I can make it work again. I can get you a key to the mystery lock, or rekey it to match the deadbolt you also have. I can fix the all too common "knob come off in my hand" problem too. Not just your front door, I can fix all your interior mortise boxes and doorknob problems too.

Have other handymen or locksmiths told you "it couldn't be done?", "its unfixable?", "nobody makes parts for those anymore?" Many houses from before WWII had front door hardware chosen to compliment the style of the architecture and it would be a shame to split up a marriage that has lasted more than 70 years just because someone was unaware of how to fix it. In many cases I can even mate your existing hardware to modern Baldwin or similar mortise boxes.

Most likely the only people in L.A. who know more about this old hardware than me are dead or long since retired.
Some of the hardware I am familiar with: Yale, Russell & Erwin (Russwin), Norwalk, Sargent, Corbin, Baldwin,

Bryan Wood