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Hello parent/student/math enthusiast. My name is Connor and I run a successful tutoring business in West LA (just outside of UCLA).

Did the title of this post grab your attention?
Good. My company offers all new clients a free, hour-long tutoring session.

Why? Well, I am confident that each and every member of my tutoring team can provide you or your child with everything it is you need in a math tutor and I want to prove it.

In my experience tutoring mathematics and science in high school and at UCLA, I've personally learned what works and what does not.

Our tutors are
-Majoring in a STEM field

We offer tutoring in the following subjects:
-All levels of high school math
-AP Calculus AB/BC
-AP Physics B/C
-SAT Math Subject Tests (Levels I and II)

As self-proclaimed, proud "numberphiles " we like to do nerdy things like collect and analyze data on all of our clients (we keep personalized profiles on each student). As of 8/10/15, after reviewing all of our clients' performance records, we have determined:
- 88% of our clients have improved a letter grade or more in their math classes after 2 months of tutoring (our average client schedules 1-2 sessions a week)

In addition to this statistic, I have surveyed each student individually and I am proud to say 100% of our current clients would recommend our service to a friend or family member.