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  • Computer Repair $35.00

Does your computer not function correctly? Does your laptop have a damaged screen, wonky keyboard, or worse, not turn on at all. Have you or a friend recently downloaded a virus and you're worried about your computer's performance and safety? We at QuiqMice can preform above and beyond the competition at a competitive price to restore your broken computer in a prompt manner.

Cost of labor is a low, flat free of $35 and our group of technicians with over 20 years of experience will not only solve the issue but work with you to prevent future malfunctions.

We'll work with desktops, laptops, netbooks of all types and age.


We handle it all with an efficiency that you can only find in the greater Milwaukee area. We also offer to build custom PCs fittings your personal needs, or upgrades to your existing devices if you find them to be lacking.

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