Appliance repair. Washing Machines, Dryers, Stoves, Dishwashers

  • Appliance Repair & Installation $30.00

Hi, I'm an appliance repairman. I fix Washing Machines, Dryers, Stoves, Dishwashers and Refrigerators.
So if you have a washing machine, dryer, stove, dishwasher or refrigerator
I will repair it quickly while you wait. A lot of times repairs can be done for free, and within 30 minutes. Except for 20 bucks traveling fee, $30 if you're in Manteca or Lodi ...

Call me and I will give you more details if you want.
We also take donated appliances No charge for removal.
Please ask for Dave, Matt, or Chet

If you know someone who has a need, please share this add with a friend.
Donated appliances are accepted Thank You.