• Appliance Repair & Installation

Stop paying too much for appliance and TV service! I have been fixing appliances and electronics for over 40 years. I have provided factory service on appliances and TVs while working for area retail service centers for many years now. Something I learned besides how to repair was that retail service centers that provide warranty service get paid a whole lot less by the warranty companies to fix things under warranty. The service centers have to make up the difference somehow and so they charge their out of warranty customers more!

I now am able to clean out your dryer vent, don't waste money on energy because your dryer cannot dry efficiently. I can test airflow and clean out your vent in one trip if I know about it when you schedule a service call.

I don't do any warranty repairs, so I can charge lower rates. The service companies I worked for had lots of overhead , lots of expensive office help and management to pay for. I am my only employee so that is another expense you don't have to pay for. I don't have an expensive store front either. I do have an SUV that will take me, all the tools and parts I need to your home and fix your stuff!

You don't need service now? Call. Thanks!