Happy /Maid Cleaning. Apt Cleaning/Turnovers

  • Apartment Cleaning $15.00

Attention UW Madison College Students. Need help with cleaning? Not enough time with your busy schedules? Not enough $$ to pay big corporations? If so, look no further!!! There is cleaning service in town that has helped a lot of cleaning customers (including college students) save a lot of time and more specifically: DIME!!!

Happy Maid Cleaning has saved a lot of residents lot of money by charging EVERY DAY LOW RATES!!! Happy Maid Cleaning started this cleaning service back in 2000 acquiring all different kinds of cleaning clients without any complaints!!! We have recent references (2015/2016). Happy Maid has been cleaning for over 30 yrs!!!

We currently charge: $15.00/hr. We offer before and after photos of cleaning customer job sites. HMC is always on time. Happy Maid Cleaning is friendly.