• Auto Repair Services $45.00

Hi! I been Installing car radios and car alarms systems for over 12 years.
I am offering my service and skills to anyone who need a system hooked in in the vehicle. I can install everything from Radios, TV decks, tv headrests, car alarms, just let me know what you need done and we can go from there.

My prices are based off what needs to be installed so dont get over charged. I also can do bypasses for those hard to do cars with onstar and for those that need special wiring harness.

If you need a car alarm they start from $75 with install or $45 just the alarm.
Audio Installs are based of what needs to be installed in the vehicle

I have my own tools and in some cases I may be able to come to you if needed so if anyone needs help installing a car radio/system or a car alarm in you vehicle please contact me - Adrian and have a good day.