• Car Wash

All Starting Prices:
$25 Car Wash with Vacuum
$30 Pickup, SUV, VAN Car Wash with Vacuum
$75 Detailing Package (best value)

Door Panel Dash Console & Door Jam Wipe Down
Interior Wipe Down & Interior Dusting
Interior Vacuum
Mats and/or Upholstery Spot Stain Treatment AND/OR
Hot Steam Cleaning AND/OR
Carpet and/or Upholstery Pre-Cleaning
Carpet and/or Upholstery Shampoo
AND/OR Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Interior Dressing
Trunk Vacuum & Wipe down
Air Freshener

Outside Wash & Dry (including roof)
Wheel Wells Rinsed
Rims Washed & Shined
Tires Washed
Tire Dressing
Trim Shined
Showroom Spay Wax
Window cleaned.

High Profile or Big Vehicles extra.
Excessive stain removal, dirt, trash, pet hair, and mud extra

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