Auto detail at there best and great for ur pocket

  • Car Wash $100.00

Hello there everybody! I am offering a complete auto detail, starting at 100$, from high speed buffing, interiors cleaning, carpet straction, engine compartment cleaning and if it is really bad inside.

I will let you know the I will charge you something extra, but if you want me to come to ur house and allow me to use ur water and electricity, then I will liave it at 100$, this is cash only and I will get it done eny day, spring is coming and your car's will need a fresh clean for the summer.

I will make sure it's done to ur expectations or its on me, I also want to let everyone know out there, the I do house repairs, painting, roofing repairs, siding, mecanic work, brake, tune ups, small engine repairs...

Call me whith a proble and I will let you know if i can or cant fix it for you, but if I dont, I will send you to someone the knows how to. Thank you.