Auto repair. Save big! Hourly rate is $25! Brakes only disc-struts-shocks-cv axle-ball joint...

  • Auto Repair Services $25.00

I'm doing this to save people money and bulid my tool collection. I can do all that's listed for very reasonable prices my hourly rate is $25 even if it only takes 30 minutes.

-lift kits, leveling kits
-brakes only disc
-cv axle
-ball joint
-control arm
-tune up
-oil change
-transmission flush
-taking off locking lug nuts if you lost you kye
-wheel bearing
-tire rotation
-tie rods both inner and outer
-pitman and idler arm
-water pump
-fuel filter
-exhaust work

I also have a obd2 scanner so I can find out why your lights are on. everything that is listed I can do there's more just asked I will let you know if I can do it. I can ether buy the parts at a discount or you can.

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