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Auto Parts and Salvage of Milwaukee LLC
5085 N 125th St.
Butler, WI 53007

Free five mile radius pickup! If you are in the area and need your vehicle serviced we will come to your house or work to pick it up or just come and drop it off. Call us to get a quote for reasonably priced repairs. NEW or USED parts available

Brakes, alternators, exhaust, suspension, engine and transmission work, wheel bearings etc

APS Milwaukee recycles over 95% of what comes through the door including all vehicle fluids, metals and plastics. We also supply facilities with waste oil. Every gallon of waste oil contains 140,000 BTUs of energy. Waste oil heating conserves nonrenewable energy sources, such as natural gas, heating oil, propane or coal-generated electricity. We use waste-oil heating systems to consume very little energy, between 1,650 and 2,200 watts -- that's about the same amount of energy needed to run a toaster or hair dryer. By finding smart, efficient ways to reuse waste oil, we're putting more money in our customers' pockets and taking less away from this planet we call home. Those are benefits we can all appreciate.

Electrical Services:
Engine electronics troubleshooting, drivability diagnosis & repair, charging system, battery, starter motor diagnose & repair, electrical short diagnostic, wiring harness repair or replace, engine control unit replacement, key cutting and coding, airbag diagnosis & repair and more.

Rotors replaced or turned, disc & drum brake service, new brake pads, low brake pedal, spongy brakes, hard to press brake pedals, brake warning lights, squealing brakes, grinding brakes and more.

Cooling Repair:
Radiator service, flush or replacement, heater, cooling system and air conditioning service, leaking radiators, poor heating, engine running hot, water pumps and more.

Air Conditioning & Climate Control:
Complete A/C service & repair, heater control system service & repair, retrofit A/C system, recharge A/C system, orifice tube replacement, accumulators, compressors, condensers and driers.

Engine & Mechanical:
Select new or one of our used parts to be installed when yours goes bad! All parts serviced or replaced with warranty of installed parts by APS.

Muffler & Exhaust:
Noisy or rattling muffler, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes.

Fuel System:
Fuel injection, rusted or damaged fuel lines, fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel tanks or leaks.

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