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Welcome to (Bad Co. Auto Repair) A Father and Son operation. Hi, I'm J R, and son Justin. I'm an Auto Mechanic for 40 years, my son for over 15 years, combined, 55 years of experience in True, Correct, Honest, Quality auto repairs.

We repair foreign and domestic cars and trucks. For anyone that owns Lincoln Mark 7's and Mark 8's, we have experience in front suspension rebuilding, air ride, and the normal repairs associated with these particular vehicles.

I get asked, am I certified? I've been certified since 1981. The real certification is our hands, and our knowledge of automobiles. If you want certification over knowledge and experience, then let's not waste each others time. We are auto mechanics, not technicians, we will leave the political correctness in the back seat.

If you want good, clean, correct, quality repairs, we are your Guy's. We don't put band aids on, we do complete to safety standard repairs. If you won't let us repair your car the correct way, then no need to call on us. We only repair your car the correct way, the first time, I don't want any come backs, unless for a defective part, or a different repair all together. We are honest ,trust worthy, and dependable.

Give us a call, let us earn your business, we look forward to hearing from you.
J R. Justin. We accept cash, debit or credit cards. God Bless!