Bartender, We include Alcohol barter for your Event

  • Catering

Most professional bartenders do not include the alcohol they don't have an ABC LIC...WE DO !!!!

This is where we are different
We discuss the drink menu with you
We offer both top shelf AS WELL AS WELL DRINKS
Well menu
1 bottle of gin
1 bottle of whiskey
1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle rum
2 white wines
2 red wines
2 moscatos
3 American, German, Latino beer for around 75 people
1 bartender for 4 hours
1 bar back

all for $485.00 (top shelf extra) plus garnishes, cups, ice and mixes as an example. We offer value as well as the best service in the LA

We also protect you from underage drinking and all issues, we even have a no host bar option where you can make the money back.