• Interior Designer

For the past twenty five years, multi-faceted designer William Armando Lugo has proven his excellent sense for style and design. His success in the Fashion, Nightlife and the Home Furnishings Industries is evocative of this fact. If you have any questions about William Armando Lugo, Lugo Limited, Inc. or our services, please feel free to contact us.

"Not only has Armando Lugo been responsible for the growth of my company, but he has designed furnishings that have become best sellers." Steven Werther -- President & Founder of Portico Home

"A great decorator blesses with good taste." Lee Winter, MD

"Gifted, confident, determined, reliable. . ..A great asset to your company." Gay Rosenberg, M.A., P.T

"Flexible, industrious, inventive. . regards to design and putting his clients first, at every opportunity." Mrs. Baez

"Armando has a strong ability to work with existing conditions to produce a warm and natural style." Marc Helie Wasserstein Perella Emerging Markets

"Mr. Lugo has always been a model employee, whose talent and skills have made him the most valued member of the Portico team. He has demonstrated exceptional design skills, which are very much in demand at Portico." Catherine Saad -- Director of Staff

"He is a creative, talented, & energetic man brimming with suggestions and design ideas. He helped us realize the vision we began with of a comfortable, sophisticated and warm home." Patricia Ryan Lampl -- Children's Television Workshop

"Thanks to your generous support, we where able to arrange an exciting and successful evening in benefit of The Hunger Project." Bernard Deutscher -- Auction Manager

"Mr. Lugo possesses a sharp and intelligent mind, capable of taking on a diverse range of task. He displays these traits along with a warm and friendly attitude towards his clients and co-workers." Simon P. Tschinkel -- Director of Public Relations at Portico Home