Best Pet Grooming Dogs&Cats! No Cages, No Wait, Private

  • Pet Grooming

This is a full service pet grooming Grooming is done in your home, outside or garage or deck. This is not a mobile truck! This is the first ever portable groomer! This is convenient and groom is done in front of you start to finish, no salon wait, no stress no cages. It's more personal with your family , pet and groomer. It's fun!

A mini salon is set up and groomer has All equipment including table and dryers. All mess is cleaned and vacuumed up by groomer. Your sink or bathtub is needed. Fast service, loving, gentle, knowledgeable, convenient , patient and professional! Open Sundays!! Also 7 days a week!

Groom Includes:
-Bath=your choice shampoo, Oatmeal , Hypo allergenic, & conditioner
-Facial= Tearless face wash with massage
-Ear Pluck and Wash
-Teeth spray: smells like mouthwash

-Nail clip and grind
-Haircut or trim
-anal gland expression

Groomer is from New York, has 11 years experience, Absolutely loves this profession, Certified, has groomed celebrity dogs , is known for a five star rating and excellent pet handler . The most patient, gentle , passionate and loving groomer for your baby. No stress. Pets love it! All my pets are happy and I love them.They are in their own environment . Groom is start to finish. If you have big dogs and they shed, I will reduce the shedding with my de shedding blower!