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Richard A. Itskovich is a non-denominational wedding officiant, with over 3 years of experience conducting wedding ceremonies. The unique style he brings is like no other. As a published poet and trained writer, actor, and film major, Richard has the ability to deliver ceremonies that will entertain and resonate for years to come.

Richard takes his time to breakdown each ceremony into 10 sections.
Section 1: Opening- This is the introduction to the ceremony.
Section 2: Remembrance- Here Richard takes a brief moment to recognize loved ones who have passed.
Section 3: Words- Richard takes some time to speak about the importance of marriage.
Section 4: Family and Friends- Speaks to guests about respecting the union before them and being a positive aspect of their shared lives.
Section 5: (everybody's favorite part) The Story- Richard has a unique twist here. The couple individually explains how they met and with a funny and fun twist, Richard combines both stories to make a laugh out loud experience.
Section 6: Vows- If the couple chooses to not write their own vows, Richard finds joy in taking on this task.
Section 7: The Rings- Exchange of the rings.
Section 8: The Law- This is where the ceremony becomes traditional asking the couple if they will love each other even in challenging times.
Section 9: Closing Words -- Sending the couple off to learn and love.
Section 10: Vested Power- THEY KISS!

In choosing Richard you will experience an adventure of words, of laughs, and of raw emotion.
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Richard A. Itskovich