BRAID ME HAPPY! - KINKY Twists and Natural Hair Style

  • Hair Stylist $115.00

Ladies! Natural hairstyles are the perfect way to protect your gorgeous hair while still enhancing its growth and health. KINKY TWISTS are an excellent option for you natural ladies, or those of you interested in transitioning.

These aren't your average kinky twists, but a NEW, UPGRADED, SEXIER version that showcases the true beauty of natural hair. Installed by an experienced Atlanta hairstylist, these twists are LIGHTWEIGHT, VERSATILE and EASY TO STYLE. You get all the perks of natural hair without all the hassle!

The best part? You can wash it as often as you like, and it only takes 4 hours to install! Don't waste your day sitting in a salon chair, get KINKY TWISTS and enjoy rocking your new natural style!

Call to make an appointment. KINKY TWISTS are $115 any length, any color. And yes, hair is included! Book today, look fabulous tomorrow!

* I do NOT do Senegalese twists or crochet braids.*