• Auto Repair Services $75.00

If you need your Brakes, Struts, and Shocks replaced at a low rate. All brake services include (1) Machining Rotors (2) Clean and lube Caliber sliding pins for better brake performance.

Labor for:
Front brake $75.00 (labor only)
Rear Brake $75.00 (labor only) (disc brake)
Rear Brake $85.00 (labor only) (drum brake)
Front Struts $120.00 (labor only)
Rear Struts $120.00 (labor only)
Rear Shocks $70.00 (labor only

I have the right Tools and Equipments to performs the services correctly and inexpensively compare to Dealership high prices. I specialize in Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura and Nissan.