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Need help obtaining custody and support of your child? Not satisfied with your current child custody orders? Need help enforcing your custody orders?

Brandt recommends preparing now for the upcoming Summer break. Don't let the other parent play the "Hide the kids from the other parent" game during 2016. Let us help you prevent this from happening to ensure a safe, happy, peaceful Summer with your children. We can get you emergency orders to enforce visitation / possession times.

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Providing services through out all 50 states. Affordable Rates. Open seven days a week, Sunday through Saturday. Effective in preventing your parental rights from being violated.

Local consulting business specializing in:
* Family Law education
* Establishment and Defense of Parental Rights
* Negotiations; Mediation; Discovery Process
* Lobbyist for changes to Family Code through the State Legislature
* Document Preparation; Document and Accounting Review; Forensic Investigations
* Research; Title Search; Process Serving

$1,800 Firm Flat Fee for Services. We do not provide Pro Bono or Free Services. Payment due before services rendered. No exceptions.