C & C Construction - Tile Kings. Any BathRoom Floor Tiled - $450

  • Tile & Ceramic Flooring $450.00

This Price Excludes Materials

For $250 you get a full installation including cement board that the tiles adhere to, tile installation, grouting, and any clean-up you need. The $250 price includes all labor for any design from start to finish and excludes all materials. Take a look through our pictures of a bathroom we remodeled from start to finish.

This price does not include the removal of existing tile. To remove old tile/cement board it is $150 extra.

I have worked for Marriott International, FEMA, USACE, Interior Design Firms, and much more. I am a master tile setter. I can complete any project in your home or business. My company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Thank You