CAKES & Cupcakes (All Freshly Baked to Order)

  • Catering $30.00

Hello! Do you have an upcoming birthday or party??? I have the perfect addition for your event. Featured goodiEs you can look forward to devouring are "The Sweet Potato goodiE Bar" (The best way to eat a sweet potato!), "Oh-So goodiE Chocolate Brownie" (To die for!), "The Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie"(For the grown and sexy.). Cupcakes??? I have those too!! Lemon lavender, Lemon blueberry delight, 24 karat caramel spice and so much more!

Have a favorite flavor?? Place an order and I'll make you fall in love all over again! I deliver to greater Los Angeles area, so start placing those orders!

All orders must be placed three days in advance. (***Flat delivery rate is $5 and does not apply to orders over $30) (I also do "ALL" occasion type cakes)

Thank You !