Camp gladiator - fitness program for adults!

  • Personal Trainers $69.00

Do you need some motivation to stay on top of those fitness goals? Have you ever wanted a personal trainer, but just couldn't afford it? Well, camp gladiator is the right fit for you!
Camp gladiator is a 4 week outdoor fitness program for adults!

You get:
*UNLIMITED sessions to any location in the nation!! We have over 200 locations here in dfw!
*A high qualified, certified personal trainer to help keep you motivated and get you on the right track to help you succeed!
*A community of awesome friends and family to also help keep you accountable and encourage you!
Plus, it's fun!!!
*I am offering a 4 week session, a value of $189, for $69 these next few days!! I promise that you will love camp gladiator just as much as I do!

Call me if you are interested!!
- Ashley