Capable, Low Cost Attorney; Civil; Criminal; Transactional

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys $250.00

Lo Cost, Aggressive Attorney; Debt Collection and Defense; Real Estate Disputes and Transactions; Incorporation/LLC Matters at Low Cost, Tax Problems; Civil Litigation, Probate, etc.

Have you received a threatening letter or legal papers filed in court showing a lawsuit has been started against you, a family member, or your business ? CALL LAW OFFICES!

Is there a lien on your property from a contractor, a lien from an already-repaid loan, a tax lien, or another encumbrance on your title ?

Are Accounts of Yours or Your Wages being Levied Upon by a Judgment Creditor or the Tax Authorities? (IRS, Franchise Tax Board (FTB), or Employment Development Department (EDD)

Have you failed to answer a lawsuit and received papers showing that there is an "Entry of Default" or a "Default Judgment" against you? An "Entry of Default or "Default Judgment" can be relieved but it must be done by the filing of a timely motion in court by an attorney experienced in these matters--do not delay to defend or prosecute your case.

Fee waivers from the courts are available in many cases--ask me !!!!!
Is there an improper entry on a credit report that needs to be corrected ? Or a large and improper bill from a credit card or mail-order company?

Do you have another legal matter which may seem to be an inconvenience, but could turn out to be much worse?
Do You Need to Incorporate or form an LLC for an existing business or a new business? Five day California incorporations/LLC formations offered for as low as $250 plus filing fees and costs (Overnight fees if desired; commercial quality "corporate kit" if required, etc.). Plus one hour of advice from experienced business attorney.

Similarly, do you have a lease or a real estate or business sales contract that needs to be reviewed, negotiated, or corrected ? CONTRACT REVIEW AND NEGOTIATION FROM AS LITTLE AS $250; LAWSUIT REPRESENTATION FROM AS LITTLE AS $500.

Or, do you need to have letters written or a lawsuit filed to collect on a debt owed to you, or to enforce a contract you've made? Letters and dispute review from as little as $150, depending on the situation. GRADUATED SCALE FEES DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF MONEY INVOLVED, URGENCY AND AMOUNT OF WORK AS WELL AS THE NATURE OF THE WORK - COMPLEX v. STRAIGHTFORWARD.

You cannot go wrong contacting an experienced, licensed California attorney such as myself to handle these matters. Licensed, active attorneys such as me can usually handle these matters at an affordable rate, with a payment plan, and sometimes on a partial or full contingency basis. There is a reason why you want to have an attorney in court and why no paralegal, incorporator, or document preparer is allowed to represent you in court.

You risk wasted time, effort and money if you attempt to handle anything beyond a small claims case yourself or through an unqualified paralegal. You may even mishandle a small claims case if you are not used to presenting papers to a court. Remember, a small claims plaintiff cannot appeal in California, so you need to do it right the first time. Small claims assistance from as little as $250.


For all types of matters both large and small, please contact my office in order to obtain a brief free consultation. We are skilled in handling all the above matters as well as larger, more complex transactions, civil litigation, and family law matters.

We'll gladly let you know if we can handle your matter efficiently. If not, we'll attempt to refer you to another attorney or a resource to assist you.