Carpet Repairs/ Pet Damage and Stretching/ New Sales and Installations

  • Carpet Installation

Carpet Sales, Repairs & Full Installations.
Save Money. New Carpet and Stainmaster Pad Installed Starting at $1 and 50 cents a square foot / $13.50 a yard, THAT'S RIGHT CARPET, PAD AND THE LABOR STARTING AT $13.50A YARD LESS HALF OR A THIRD OF WHAT YOU WILL PAY ANYWHERE ELSE!

CALL NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE AND TO SEE SAMPLES. A Wide Selection of Colors Available. Stainmaster Pad available at half the cost of Home Depot and other Carpet Stores, Even Our Top Grade Carpet Runs About Half of Home Depot or Lowes's Prices We Run Three Crews, Same Day Service is Usually Available. We also do Ceramic Tile Installations, Commercial & Residential.

We do all Repairs, Resretching (Remove Wrinkles), Patching, Reseaming, Door Transitions & Z Bars, Pet & Water Damage Restoration including Pad & Tack Strip Replacement and Odor Treatment. No Job Too Large or Too Small. Call us for All Your Carpet or Tile Needs. We will Save You Money.