• Carpet Cleaning $110.00

Carpet Cleaning Service now offers flat rate carpet and upholstery steam cleaning at $55 per 12x12 sized room.

If you're thinking of replacing your carpet, call us first.
We can potentially save you thousands of dollars in new carpet costs.
We take the dirtiest, most soiled carpets and upholstery and restore them beyond expectation using the industry's safest yet effective cleansers coupled with the most efficient carpet steam cleaning equipment.

Our machines establish and maintain water temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit, guaranteeing a genuine "steam clean" process!! Our ROTOVAC Powerwand System ensures the highest quality cleaning of your carpet and upholstery without using an excessive amount of water. Your carpet is dry in hours - not days!!

Services offered:

Thorough vacuuming
Complete carpet stain pre-treatment
Steam cleaning utilizing the revolutionary ROTOVAC steam cleaning system
Complete carpet nap restoration

Price list
1-2 rooms $110
3 rooms $165
4 rooms $220
5 rooms $275
6 rooms $330
7 rooms $385
Pet treatment (flea/tick/odor) $35
Sofas $150
Love seats $130
Sectional sofa $190

Call us today. Major credit cards accepted. MILITARY DISCOUNTS available (3 room minimum). Mahalo!