• Dog Training

Hi my name is Brent and am a United States Army veteran as well as a certified dog trainer and graduate of the hands on dog training program at animal behavior college in Santa Clarita. I have been around animals my entire life and grew up on a large beef farm in Michigan. While attending school I had the opportunity to volunteer at Cesar Milan's dog pyschology center for about 3 months and volunteered at one of training Cesar's way seminars. I was also a volunteer at best friends animal shelter 2-3 times a week while attending school. I then moved to Templeton and trained under Cheri Lucas for about 4 months. Cheri is founder of second chance at love humane society and former long time employee of Cesar Milan. While mentoring under Cheri I also volunteered at 3 of the Lucas/Agnew low level e-collar workshops and at her shelter. I am now training on my own and have a website at www.acedogservices.com. I can help with any type of behavior problem for large or small dogs of all breeds. I can also help with obedience training for any dogs over 8 weeks old of any size or breed. A consultation is required before any training begins. Price of consultation varies depending on location and behavior problem. Thanks, Brent