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Lighting installation service.
Installing all types of light fixtures, from standard conventional to unusual and exotic, Mash holds many years of residential fixture installation service experience.
Mash can repair, rewire, refinish, replacement parts, and perform other fixes to all types of manufactured or hand crafted light fixtures.
With an inventory that contains a large selection of unique lighting components, refurbish even the most unusual or unique fixture.
Chandeliers that are large or small in size, several in number or just one, Mash is up to any cleaning task.
This type of cleaning does not simply involve applying a spray-on detergent and allowing the crystals to air dry like some competitors do.
Each crystal is carefully removed, washed, and then replaced. This kind of attention to detail returns the sparkle that your chandelier had when it was new.

I do honest work for a fair price.
One hour in home free consultation.