Cheap Computer/Electronic Repair and Upgrades

  • Computer Repair

Looking for a cheaper way to fix or upgrade your computer, phone, tablet, and other electronic devices? Broken screen? Water damage? It can be fixed if u dont want to pay for a new phone or device. Computer running slow? Got a virus problem? Just ready to upgrade? No problem.

I am very fair on my pricing. You wont find much lower rates in south florida for these types of services. Free estimate and diagnoses and almost anything that can be fixed or replaced. My name is Robert and I live in S. fort myers and I am an experienced, certified Electronics Repair Technician and am capable of fixing just about anything that runs on electricity as well as electrical needs and/or wants including Small electronics, household electrical devices and computers as well as small engine repairs. I can fully repair and diagnose all aspects of computer hardware and software problems as well as perform maintenance and upgrades as well as custom building of regular or gaming computer to your specifications and budget. I get all my computer and electrical parts online, (mostly at for computers) so u pay only for the service I perform and not anything extra on parts replacement or upgrades.

For any questions or advice, feel free to call anytime!
I have worked with computers all my life and have worked as an electrician as well as an electronics technician as well as a small engine mechanic. See pics for ceftificates. I will make house calls if needed for a snall fee for comming to you($10-20). Thanks, Robert