• Private Tutoring $50.00

I am a professional tutor/helper for students in Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Math.

B.S. (Honors)
M.S. (California State University, Northridge)
Ph.D. (University of California, Davis)
1 year of Medical School Department of Physiology - Basic Sciences: Histology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physiology.

Work Experience
30 years of private instruction and tutoring experience in the areas mentioned above.

Eight years of postdoctoral research and publication [Penn State, Rice University, The Ohio State University, University of Delaware]

First author of "The Darakjian-Hayes Direct Time Delay Method" applicable in physics and chemistry research.

Eight peer-reviewed publications in prestigious scientific journals.
Lecturer at Ohio State [Nursing Program - Chemistry] for 8 Summer Sessions
I have a deep and long - standing interest in the physical and mathematical sciences.
I continue learning on a daily basis and also aim at fining new and effective methods of
teaching and tutoring.

Postdoctoral: 7 years
Publications: 8
First author of a mathematical/chemical method: "The Darakjian-Hayes Direct Time Delay Method".
Lecturing: 5 Semesters: The Ohio State University
Private instruction and tutoring ~ 800 students

I meet at a very nice, local Tea place - one on one - The Little Leaf Tea, Bullard and Palm.
Fee: $50 per 2 hour session, $210 paid for 5 session, $280 for 7 sessions, and $380 for 10.

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