• Lawn Care

A little about who I am, I am seeking clientele, I am partnering with A&T Cleaning Services, I have 3 years of experience with Reinhart, and Weed Man Lawncare. A great company where my skills was obtained, from there is where I knew I would be, my calling to help resident and their lawn, in Chicago, Bloomington, Peoria, and surrounding cities, like Germantown Hill, Metamora, and Eureka.

I am here to serve your lawn, and create new ways that will keep my customers happy with my services, and discount.

Services offered is:
One Time Lawn Maintenance
Monthly Lawn Maintenance (Discount rate)
Mowing with Edging of Lawn
Flower Bed Restoration
Hedge Trimming (size is not a problem)
Spring and Fall Cleanup
Lawn and Garden Upkeep
Property Snow Removal

Christian Liggins