• Pet Daycare & Boarding $16.00

Oak Park Kennels between Columbia and Baltimore and near BWI
We are located near EVERYTHING . . . just a few minutes from I-95, 295, 695, 895, the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Ports, and Washington Blvd (Rt 1.)

We have been family owned and operated since 1985.
We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary of being in business!
We tuck in our boarders for the night at midnight!
Try to find another kennel with our super late bedtime!

We serve two home-cooked meals everyday and midnight snax at bedtime.
We are fully heated and air-conditioned.
We maintain logs of various issues, such as a meal log and a health issue log.

All canine accommodations are indoor/outdoor runs. They are all covered runs to minimize exposure to the elements - rain, snow, sun.

Feline accommodations are generally two and three level kitty condos. Our feline guests are served canned food for breakfast. They have a mixture of premium dry foods available all day. Like dogs, cats are treated to midnight snax at bedtime, too.

All guests receive thorough housekeeping services daily (and extra attention as needed).

Playtime for dogs is available a la carte.
Playtime for cats is usually possible, and there currently is no fee for this service!

Dog Boarding
0 to 14 pounds $26
15 to 39 pounds $27
40 to 69 pounds $28
70 to 99 pounds $29
100+ pounds $30

Cat Boarding - All cats $16