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Sewer repair, cleaning, maintenance. We have cameras to detect clog's.

Common Sewer Line Problems:
- Root Penetration: Over time, roots can actually grow into the sewer lines, causing clogs and broken pipes.
- Blocked Pipes: Foreign objects that make it into the pipes, as well as grease build-up can block water from draining through the pipes.
- Corroded Pipes: Time, as well as different objects can gradually take their toll on your pipes and cause collapses in the line, thus restricting water flow.
- Damaged Pipes: Shifting soil, frozen ground, and settling foundation are common causes of pipes breaking or cracking.
- Bellied Pipes: Ground or soil conditions may cause pipes to sink where waste collects.
- Leaking Joints: The seals between pipes can deteriorate over time, allowing water to escape.

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