Commercial / Business Cleaners (Insured & Bonded)

  • Office Cleaning

Looking for a professional cleaner? The choice is easy.
Our unique franchise system offers you not one, but nine great reasons to choose a professional cleaning partner for your business.

Our extensive network of owner-operators delivers a level of service way beyond anything you've previously experienced from a normal cleaning company. Put simply, our people are highly trained, dedicated individuals with a vested interest in ensuring your requirements are met each and every time they visit. After all, they own their own business!

A great service is one that meets then exceeds your expectations, and that's our aim. To achieve this, we regularly monitor the quality of our service, and we do this in three ways:

Follow up Service:
*We provide a communication book for you to note any specific instructions or issues.
*We make regular follow up calls to check our service is meeting your expectations.
*We conduct routine performance inspections to ensure the cleaning meets our franchise standards and your specified standards.
*Our systems focuses on quality reviews to guarantee any issues are identified before they become problems.
*We monitor and record any incidents to ensure that problems are resolved, rather than fixed temporarily.