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Eco-Logic Pest Solutions provides pest control services in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St Johns County. We can get rid of all your pest problems, (termites, roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, rats and mice). Our services are very reasonably priced and guaranteed! Over 50 years experience and Family Owned. Call us today!

Pest Control Starting at $20
Termite Treatments starting at $34 per month.

Residential Pest Control - Triple Zone Pest Protection Service
Living in the state of Florida, sunshine, moisture and warmth are in abundance, but we also have our share of insects and rodents. The ECO-LOGIC exclusive Triple Zone Pest Protection Service eliminates pests and keeps them from coming back. ZONE 1 - Attic Area - On our first visit our certified technician will apply a specially formulated inorganic mineral bait throughout the attic area of your home. This will provide long lasting protection to this crucial entry point. ZONE 2 - Inside of Your Home - Additionally our certified technician will apply a special foaming inorganic mineral formulation to entry points throughout the interior of the home, including plumbing voids, conduit chases, window and door areas. This special foaming formulation gets into deep harborage areas and provides long lasting protection. Special placement of long lasting insect baits in out of the way places on the inside of your home will also be applied on our first visit. Zones 1 and 2 are treated on the initial service. ZONE 3 - Exterior of Your Home - Because over 99% of all pest problems come from the outside of your home, this is the most critical part of our Triple Zone Treatment program. On the first visit and at least once every 3 months Your ECO-LOGIC certified technician will place our special long lasting weather resistant inorganic insect bait around the immediete exterior of your home. Additionally critical areas such as woodpiles and garbage can areas around the home will receive placement of this special weather resistant bait. The exterior of your home such as the eave area, around windows and doors as well as one foot up on the exterior walls is treated with a unique long lasting liquid product. This will create a barrier that prevents pests from entering your home. The Triple Zone Pest Protection Service provides the ultimate in pest protection without sacrificing the saftey of your family. Because we only need to service the inside your home for the first visit, the Triple Zone Pest Protection Serivce provides the ultimate in convenience.

Our Guarantee: If pests return to your home we will provide retreatment at no additional cost!