Computer repair, software help.. or just new to computers?

  • Computer Repair $20.00

Are you having computer trouble? Need your computer repaired? need advice with software, virus's, malware, computer hardware problems. Or are you a little behind on the times trying to get into technology If your looking to purchase a new computer, laptop, new phone - tablet, or any kind of tech set up. And you have no idea where to start, I can help you. I can build computers, remove virus - malware. build your wifi set up at your house, a home theatre system, ect. AND MOST computer repairs.

I have worked with many tech companies, Worked with graphics, logos, digital video editing, streaming services. Even video game techniques or coaching. Or if your having network problems, at your company.

Have any old computer parts you dont want? getting rid of something.... I will take anything or even buy.

[monday - friday] 10am - 9pm
[Saturday - Sunday] all day

-YOU DO NOT need to pay for me too look at or even talk about your problem
-most computer repairs ($20-$100) depending on the problem
-with anything else we can negotiate some kind of deal. depends on what you want.