Computer repairs, upgrades, cleaning...

  • Computer Repair $10.00

I am available for nearly any computer services which may include virus removal, Software or Operating System reinstall, hardware upgrades, dust cleaning, other hardware or software repairs.

If your desktop or laptop computer is damaged in a physical way I.e. The keys won't type or are jammed, I can order any necessary part and replace it restoring functionality and looks as well. When you need more harddrive space, it is easy for me to install a secondary harddrive or replace your current harddrive while maintaining all your personal data files. (documents, photos, etc.)

There are many scenarios for computer problems, for questions or tech support please give me a call!
I always charge the cost I pay for any parts required to be ordered but not until I have the part on hand and ready to be installed.

I am more than happy to answer questions and give guidance and instruction over the phone for free of course, and for actually hands on is $10 per hour, not including installation time of any Microsoft software but does include time for installing software drivers.

Again feel free to ask any question or make any offers, I am available to travel.