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Transform Your Garage Into A Showroom!

BULLETPROOF Brand Concrete Coatings manufactures the only 100% solids, military-grade, 5-layer, protective floor coating system. Our BulletProof Brand 100% solids epoxy is not cut with water nor solvents like other inferior coating systems. Our coatings will not shrink nor prematurely delaminate! We sell our 70+ products to the construction trades worldwide.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Highly-Detailed Installations at Affordable Prices
200,000+ SF Commissioned Annually
Residential & Commercial
Tenacious Adhesion
HOA Approved
High Abrasion & Scratch Resistance
Maximum Cleanability
Custom Colors Available
100% Solids Epoxy with Flake Broadcast
Organic Old-World Stained Finishes
Decorative Overlays & Faux Flagstone
Kool Decking
Custom Metallic Illusion Finishes
Concrete Polishing & Densifying
Garage Floor Transformations
Diamond Grinding to Remove Existing Coatings - $55K in quality grinding equipment.

BULLETPROOF BRAND products are immersion-tested against a broad range of chemicals including gasoline, motor oil, vegetable oil, mustard, urine, transmission fluid, brake fluid, mineral spirits, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid and xylene. In addition, compressive and tensile strength are unmatched in the industry. Withstands 9,100 psi and our coatings remain intact!

Metallic Illusion finishes range from elegant to exotic. These custom, one-of-a-kind coatings offer an unmatched blend of beauty and style. Nano-pigments are dispersed in a variety of binders to create a seamless & unique, three-dimensional appearance which reflects the light.

Call for a free quote today and learn how BULLETPROOF Concrete Coatings tops the competition. Hire our seasoned local applicators for your project or purchase our products to do it yourself.