• General Contractors

Oversee your crews or contractor your having issues with. I can work for different wages for example

1. Consultant to oversee your crews or contractor to verify work is done correctly. I can meet inspectors if needed too. Pay weekly based on time needed each day at jobsite.
2. Show up in the morning to lay out daily work schedule and come back each day near the end of the day to see what was done and if crew change may be necessary. This is a limited supervisor roll. 1000 pr wk
3. Be there 85% of the time 5 days a week. Supervise labor for max work efficiency, coordinate deliveries , material take offs, meet inspector's.
4. Bring my crew in you pay them with no mark up by me and I supervise, layout daily work plan, deal with material, meet inspectors and basically act as consultant and superintendent. 2000 pr week. This is a bargain you get my qualified crews at cost + 2k pr week. No profit or overhead. My guys range from 120-200 pr day.
Rodney. Lic #553310. Since 1989