Cook Meals/Art/Design/Sewing/Care Giving/Dog walking/cleaning or ALL!

  • Housekeeping

I'm a gal of many "trades" and good at all of them, really I am. I am a fantastic cook have won a couple block party awards for best main dish and I'm not talking mac n cheese(even though that is yummy) I'm like Beef Stew from southern France and Mousaka from the middle east, home made hummus/pesto/salad dressings, local ingredients, roasted beets, salads, warm savory breads etc.

Full meals for your family or, a party, or planning weekly meals to be frozen and reheated!
I also have a Fine Art degree in painting/drawing and ceramics. I can draw or paint just about anything, have been doing pet portrait commissions lately, but anything can be done in acrylic/watercolor/pastel etc...see examples.

ALSO I love to sew and am able to repair/hem or take in clothing items if needed.

I also was a Care Giver for a 4 bed group home for Adults with minor brain injuries or cognative disabilities...I'm state CBRF certified and can help with med passing, bathing, home and personal care.

In closing I have the best dog ever and love to dog walk, go to dog park and play with them, all around good times. Hey maybe you could use 1 if not ALL of my services, I am here for the taking.

Please call. I'm kind, fun, and have great references!