• Hair Stylist $50.00 Fixed

Hello there, Im Tac! I'm a very nice girl who knows what shes doing and I braid and crochet with care. I get the job done at a great pace and price; with results that only exceeds my clients' expectations. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I also know how to do the invisible part method for both marely and regular crochet hair. I love doing hair, its a passion I've recently discovered about myself. Hope to hear from you soon! would love to meet ya. And down below is some frequently asked questions I get way too often but I don't mind answering.

Full head of crochet: $50 OR $60-70 If I have to travel, depends on the distance.
Crochet with Marely: $70 OR $80 If I have to travel

Any other questions just ask.


Do you supply the hair?
A:Only for the marely hair because it takes more labor to do. And I also pre-rod the curls the day before so when you arrive or I arrive the process would go by faster.

How long does the style last?
A: Generally, 6-8 weeks but the crochet hair itself depends on your maintenance.

How long does the Marely curls last?
A: They last about a week or two depending on the method you choose before you sleep at night. This doesnt mean every last curl drops or gets fuzzy just the noticeable ones on the top.

Do you charge to re-rod the Marely hair curls?
A: For the first time yes I will charge ($20 or $30 If I have to travel)I will offer that you re-rod yourself using flexi-rods first beacuse its easier and I will demonstrate how to do it.

I have a child, is it okay if I bring him/or her with?
A: Yes, its totally fine! I have four sibilings 20 B,17 S,15S, and 13 S. But keep in mind I have two cats, a rabbit(he doesnt count because he's usually in his cage), and a 3 yr old German Shepard(He loves kids but he'll be downstairs). Also, if you prefer to get your hair done at home, my sister whos 17 yrs with great experience watching children will watch your child for free because she enjoys looking after kids.

Do you braid with braiding hair?
A: If you prefer it that way then yeah I do, I've done it plenty of times but those times the client had short hair.

Can you braid relaxed, blown out,or natural hair?
A:Yes, I can do both! Once upon a time I had a relaxer and now I'm natrual. So, I know what its like.

Do you have any more pics?
A: I will be posting more soon!